My Creative Diary 1.110

A diary is a notebook where you write details of your day, thoughts, feelings and wishes. It is a personal and intimate platform of expression for many people. ...[More]

Duolingo Download

Duolingo lets you learn a new language in a fun and incredibly effective way all for free right in your Android device. The app allows you to learn all major languages including French, Spanish, Italian, Irish, and German, through everyday practice sessio...[More]

Eagle VPN 1.3.8

Take your claw for protected internet browsing in your Android device with Eagle VPN. The internet may be vast but there are forces that try to take away your right to surf the internet as well as your privacy while doing so. ...[More]


If you want to listen to audio files, audio books, audio recordings, podcasts and the like, there is one app you can rely to feed your ears into in CastBox for Android. ...[More]

Draw Cartoons - Everyone Can Make Animation

Draw Cartoons is a tool that can be used to easily make animation on the phone. Many ready-made character models and props can be used, which eliminates the process of drawing and greatly reduces the difficulty of making....[More]

Listure - An Outsourcing Essential List App

Listure is a simple and refreshing list application. It is also regarded as a lightweight to-do application with reminder function. Although it has no amazing black technology, regardless of function or interaction is just right, which provides simple exp...[More]

Neat (Beta) - Calendar + Todo

NEAT is a todo application that makes your life cleaner and clearer. Without a fancy interface, without synchronization functions, without classification settings and even without a decent setting menu, but NEAT is the best and most simple todo applicatio...[More]

Solar-bold and Aggressive to Design Experiment

Quote Solar 's introduce saying of himself : "Weather has never been cooler”. I haven't seen what kinds weather applications can be made so simple! You can use GPS positioning or manually add position by yourself....[More]

Enlight—Image Processing

Enlight is a large and comprehensive image editing App, and if you can't stand that a picture needs three or four applications processing before the effect is achieved, then Enlight is definitely your best choice. It is different from many main comprehens...[More]